Club Grants

Welcome to Club Forster on-line Grants Application Portal, powered by Smarty Grants. This system allows you to apply for Grants/Funding from Club Forster through a simple, effective and timely process. Our Board will communicate their funding decisions in early July 2021.

Club Forster is an active participant in the ClubGRANTS program and has donated millions of dollars to local community groups and charities over the years. In the last year alone, Club Forster has supported over around 85 different organisations and groups and has injected in excess of $500,000 in cash and in-kind into the local community.

Club Forster has always been a proud supporter of projects that deliver a positive effect and we welcome applications from members of the community.

Please read below to determine if your ClubGRANTS request qualifies for funding under the ClubGRANTS Guidelines. To apply for ClubGRANTS consideration please click here to apply online.

If you have any enquiries after accessing the ClubGRANTS Guidelines, please contact Club Forster at

Submissions are now open. Submissions close midnight 2nd April 2021

Category 1

Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged communities.

These projects encompass:

  • Community Welfare & Social Services
  • Community Development
  • Community Health
  • Employment Assistance Activities

A ClubGRANTS Local Committee is established each year to identify local priorities and needs for grants and to make recommendations to local clubs.

For further information on the ClubGRANTS scheme please click here to apply online. To read the official ClubGrants Guidelines (Gaming Machine Tax Act 2001) please click here.

Category 2

Category 2 funding is generally for projects not listed or eligible for Category 1 funding such as:

  • School projects, fetes and festivals
  • Sport and recreational clubs
  • Cultural activities – Visual/Performing Arts
  • Charity fundraising
  • Medical research
  • In-kind services such as complimentary room hire and fundraising items etc

Applications for Category 2 funding can be made directly to Club Forster at

Please note that due to the large volume of requests which we receive it is not possible to support every request. Club Forster also has a very limited pool of funding for Category 2 projects due to our commitment to local sport, education and in-kind services.

Requests must be made in writing to the Board of Directors at least 8 weeks prior to any required funding deadline in order to ensure that your request can be considered in time.

Please note: as per ClubGRANTS Guidelines (2.3.4) regarding Expenditure Outside of New South Wales, expenditure on community development and support outside NSW is only recognised if it is made to locally based activities that are of a genuine cross-border nature or to nationally operating organisations with a presence in NSW or expenditure in accordance with 2.3.6 of the Guidelines.